What DATA would you like to have to boost your business ? [FREE]

Jeffrey M. Mvutu
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You may want some data to learn more about your niche and opportunities ahead of you. [For instance, as part of a market study for your business or to get ideas of new features / products for your business]. I want to OFFER my experience in data engineering/gathering to get data that will help your business. Reach out to me in the comments or DM and so that we can discuss. I already published datasets that might help you on my data.world/jfreex or kaggle.com/jmmvutu.


Zachary Green
Hi Jeffrey. I need forecasts on search trends. basically, what will people be searching on google in my niche 6 months from now. can you help with that?
Jeffrey M. Mvutu
@zachary_green2 Hi Zachary, thanks for reaching out. I take it you want to pick trends at their very beginning since you want to know now what will be top search in N months. If that's the case, I (re-)published a dataset I found online about search trends worldwide for years 201X. It can be found here https://data.world/jfreex/daily-... It follows daily top trends each day for each country. The idea is to see how a particular trend evolves over time and monitor that to see what is rising. Would this be close to the kind of workflow you are searching for ? If not, can you correct me where I'm wrong ? Note: I'm talking about datasets because they are the building blocks for forecasts. Regards