how to unschedule a product

Tanya Kurkova
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I scheduled a product for launch but it isn't ready yet How to unschedule it?


Mohamed Abdel-Maksoud
I fell in the same trap a few weeks ago. There is no way to unschedule/delete a product here unfortunately. The only way I found is either: - postpone the release until your product is ready, or - find another interesting product you want to hunt (not yours) and change details accordingly.
Alec Sherman
@m0ham3d How do you postpone the release? I have my launch scheduled for tomorrow and just hit a snag with Apple AppStore. I desperately need to postpone for a week! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Alec Sherman
@m0ham3d I was finally able to change the launch date. For anyone else having this problem, here's what I discovered: I use FireFox Developer Edition as my standard browser. With FireFox it is NOT POSSIBLE. I switched to Chrome and then the option to Edit appeared. On the edit page the "Schedule Launch" button was clearly at the top of the page and worked without any problem at all. Summary: try in Chrome browser.
Hi Tanya, connect with us via Intercom, and we'll be able to assist you.
Sarah Vandersluis
@leandro8209 @tanya_kurkova how did you end up cancelling the launch?
Kas Szatylowicz
@leandro8209 hey! could you help me out with the same please?