What's wrong with my website?

Tanya Kurkova
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Hi everyone, I'm getting ready for a product hunt launch. Could you guys roast my website? Tell me what I could improve... techtwox.com P.s my ph page is here https://www.producthunt.com/upco...


On My Deck
Nothing wrong IMO. Great site idea and I've signed up to your newsletter! The only thing I'd suggest is as the site grows, a main menu link to the article categories so you can quickly navigate would be great. Perhaps trending articles (views/comments/shares etc). Good luck! EDIT: sorry - I didn't notice the filter links under the search icon! I think a main menu position for filtering content by category would be better (just my thoughts).
Tanya Kurkova
@onmydeckmusic Thanks. The traffic has been growing very fast so this is the first opportunity to take a zoomed out overview of the site. Appreciate your insights
Deepak Joshi
Full of Grammatical mistakes! Written in a hurry?
Deepak Joshi
@tanya_kurkova well i cant point them all, but here is one as a gift- "she lover coding from an early"
Katerina Bogdanchuk
" I've signed up to your newsletter" I'm too
Hey Tanya, great site! Love the design, and have signed up for the newsletter. The only thing I'd critique is that some of the home page post images seem like they might be a little too low a resolution for the size they're being displayed at (looking at this on a 13 inch mac screen) - some of them look a little blurry/pixelated. But generally the site looks awesome :)
Tanya Kurkova
@harrison_codes You are right about the images... Everytime i use higher res images i get an alert that my site is too slow. Anyone know a solution for this.
@tanya_kurkova Just had a quick look in the network tab, it looks like all the images are loaded when the page initially loads. If you haven't already tried this, it might be helpful to investigate lazy loading your images (I think you should be able to do this by adding loading="lazy" attribute to your img tags - take a look at here for more info https://web.dev/native-lazy-load...). In theory this should defer loading the images that aren't initially displayed on screen until they're closer to scrolling into view, which may allow you to use higher res images without slowing down the site too much.
Kalesh Kaladharan
I really like the design👍👍. On individual posts, I would prefer a small margin between the next and old post and/or label on top rather than the overlay on image. On a glance it looked like a single featured post. Maybe I would get used to them on frequent visits. Apart from that, it looks great.
Alex Arevalo
@tanya_kurkova Hey Tanya, would love to know more about the newsletter and what makes it stand out! I would want to know what you cover? Is it their personal journey? Their professional growth? Their tips for aspiring women in tech? These additional details I think would help with subscribers.
Daniel Li
Hello Tanya, I signed up to the news letter and overall it looks good. The only thing I point out is that you are using your PH pic and it is very pixelated which is a bit jarring compared to the pictures of other founders.
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