How do you get users feedback of your product?

Gonçalo Henriques
3 replies
I'd like to add the option for my users to give feedback, request features and report bugs. What options are out there?


Alex Papageorge
I've found more success in breaking down those requests. Overwhelming the user with a lot of asks I think can be a bit much. Defining a monthly feedback loop has resulted well. A survey works fine (even in typeform) but that depends on how much depth you are looking for.
Antonio Ufano
I've trid email them directly and having a contact form where they can send me whatever they want. I think surveys are something people usually avoid.
Alex Arevalo
Agree with @alex_papageorge , having a catch all page/blog/survey will most likely lead to receiving feedback in an unformatted/undirected structure, leading to data that will be hard to make decisions on. To begin I would reach out to customers to schedule feedback sessions with a hypothesis in mind or question, and build your interview that way. Example: "I think our customers find this feature most useful or I think our customers find the most value in this part of the product" Ask non-leading questions to reveal findings! In the case you want to do a catch all page, I think Adobe does a really great job by having a forum/blog that people vote on: