What's your view on AI?

Alin Rauta
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Hi everyone, For the last months I've documented/educated myself on AI and I believe it has a great potential to transform our lives for the better. However, it can also lead to a dystopian future where surveillance is the norm because we've chosen protection at the expense of privacy - something that's happening pretty much right now in China. AI can be used in almost every industry which will eventually lead to the disappearance of some jobs but in the same time to the creation of new jobs - which will be most likely data related because nowadays everything it's about data. Seeing the unfortunate wildfires from Australia I started to think how AI could help in the future prevent these kind of situations. Maybe we can train an AI with satellite and/or drone images of the forests to detect as early as possible when there is a danger of starting a fire and alert the authorities. What do you think about the effect AI will have on our lives? Do you see a bright or a more dark future? Curious to hear your thoughts. P.S. I wrote an article on Medium about why I think AI is the new electricity. If you're interested in the subject you can read it here: https://medium.com/@RautaAlin/wh... Later edit: I also created a youtube channel "AI For Anyone" and posted a video with a summary of the blog post for those who like visual content more: https://youtu.be/hwJVhS9oPLE


Laura Vasquez
Well I like to believe that AI could become very powerful and beneficial if we use it correctly. There are SO many uses for it! Hopefully as this type of tech becomes more wide-spread and advanced, there will be laws put into place preventing its misuse.
Alin Rauta
@laura_vasquez95 I agree. We need regulation, but we have to find by trial and error the right dose, so we won't stifle the rate of innovation in the AI field.