Starting a newsletter about creators and the "passion" economy

Alin Rauta
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Hey there fellow makers, I was reading an article these days about the evolution of the passion economy (here is the link if you are interested: and I loved the idea of capitalizing on your creativity and authenticity as a living. After I finished reading it, I said to myself: "I must start a newsletter about these creators, I have to". So, here I am now spreading the word about the newsletter I'm about to start soon 😆. Now, I need some feedback from you: 1. Would you be interested in subscribing to the newsletter? 2. Do you know anyone who would be a candidate for his/her story to be featured in the newsletter? It would help a lot if you could give me their contact details (you can find me on twitter @RautaAlin) Eager to hear from you! Alin Rauta


Gian Pepe
I would love to subscribe! I just saw that article recently too, and it has been a big inspiration fo the direction we are taking our influencer marketing product, Shirley.