[Idea validation] Team Lead as a Service

Dmitriy Dubovetzky
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It's not a secret that one of the most common reasons for startup failure is development in general. It can be revealed in the choice of the wrong technologies, a premature decision to build an infrastructure that will withstand a large number of users, a weak team, or an insufficiently experienced CTO, or, perhaps, all taken together. I very often heard from friends that they do not like working on a project because of incorrect setting of tasks or a bad process and constant over time. And I understand them - the company may not always have enough resources to hire an experienced person who can choose the right technologies and build the development process so that the business achieves its goals as quickly as possible using minimal resources. And so I got an idea — launch project called Team Lead as a Service. The idea is to provide expertise in the development and team building on-demand on a fixed price. This is our landing — teamleadasaservice.com Looking for feedback and if you need advice or consultation just go ahead and book an available slot for a call.
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