I finished the first draft (link in details) of our landing page, what do you think?

Benjamin Such
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Link: https://streamable.com/nz55vr 1. I want to animate the text at the bottom right, so it better catches the attention 2. I'm thinking about showing a preview of the output the user gets, when he tries the demo 3. At the top right will be 1 or 2 links (probably something like "FAQ's" and "Last Result") Any constructive criticism and suggestions are highly appreciated


Johannes Waldorf
If the fonts of the changing text were a little larger, i think i would pay more attention to what is being communicated. This way I focus more on the background video.
Benjamin Such
@johannes_waldorf I hope I can get the attention with the animations, but we will see. I will think about your feedback, thanks!
John Yeung
Overall it looks polished!The background video looks cool. The text in the sub-title is a little too small to read though
Christoph Hohenberger
looks good but on the lower right the text seems a little bit off
Cezary Dobrowolski
Hey! As a graphic designer myself I would've go with something more like this: And I don't like "Why? How?" CTA, as it's not a CTA ("Find out how!") and it has 2 questions in it (I'd be more precise).