Looking for feedback regarding radar chart (with context)

Benjamin Such
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Hi Hunters! Assuming your personality got analyzed (with your consent) and you are facing the result as a chart, how would you perceive it? Demo: https://qowc5.csb.app/ (I added 2 versions of the chart) Usually a value closer to the center is "bad", but in context of the Big 5 model it is not. Would a note help or do you think it wouldn't matter? Thanks in advance!


The problem is not in how you show the chart because so few people will even know what a radar chart is let alone how to "read" it. I'd suggest you use the radar chart as eye candy and come up with some great copy that explains the "so what?". What does it mean that the purple blog is mostly over neuroticism and extroversion? Also, I'd suggest that when doing an A/B test the stimuli (the images) show 2 different designs of the SAME data. If I understand the 2 versions, it is about straight vs curved lines - yes?
James Skarzynski
I have to admit, I hate radar charts. Yes, it's an interesting way to show data, but it's just really not that great for actually deciphering the information. It might not look as pretty, but something like a bar graph for each of the different personalities where you could hover over the individual bars and see what your score in that area means might work better. Or even like cards with a percent and a read more button that flips over and tells you what that part of your personality means.
Benjamin Such
@jamesskarzynski This is what I wanted to do anyway with the radar chart, that you can hover over the value to see what that value means. And when the result page opens, I would show the tooltip of the first value. My idea of why I don't show the other possible characteristics is, that I don't want the user to feel bad or judged. The result he gets from our AI is just how the AI perceives him and is not like verdict a la "Thats how you are".
Deepak Joshi
I was able to understand it
Benjamin Such
@yesandux @jamesskarzynski @deepak_positive Thank you all for your feedback and that you took the time. I forgot to mention in the chart, that there will be circles or "pips" for every value with further information, when you hover over it.