Investing in content Vs Advertorials for Domain Authority

Deepak Joshi
9 replies
Suppose you want to improve the Domain Authority of your new web app and you have around $5,000 to spend. How would you split the money between content creation and promotions?


Harish Kumar
please invest in content development. Fast Track your content authority, by creating content that sells as soon as possible.
Jason Cochran
content is king. 75% on content. 25% on everything else.
Dinesh Thakur
Work on both. It's not necessary to do advertorials for Domain Authority. For DA work on free tool which is relevant to your business and which people like to use again and again. Your free tool should work like "Dope", people use it, share it, write about it, and tell their friends/network about it. This will not help you in getting good DA, but help you to grow as well.
Deepak Joshi
@dinesht Is it really possible to build DA with just a tool? If yes, this will be the best way for me. Can you give an example if possible, to prove the point?
Dinesh Thakur
@deepak_positive It will help to build links naturally to your website or tool page. Best way to build the link is to earn the link. Both of these things help to build the DA. If people can install the tool on their website which have your linkable brand name it will also help you in getting lots of nofollow links and traffic to your website. Some examples are: hotjar, intercom, convertkit, website grader etc