The best product to get feedback on your product

Deepak Joshi
3 replies
So I joined producthunt to get some feedback on my product. But the experience was very demotivating... got no responses. It seems everybody here wants to get one, and nobody cares about giving any. I am looking for a platform/community where there is a relationship of give and take. Any Suggestions?


Alex Arevalo
Been really active on the platform to measure how much engagement can really be made. It seems Makers forum is slightly deflated and I'm wondering how much upvotes and subscriptions are non-friends/family. Anyone who has successfully launched would love to hear their experience!
James Skarzynski
@alex_arevalo I've been disappointed too at how inactive the Makers forum is. I've been trying to do my part to respond to as many posts as possible. If everyone starts doing this, soon enough we should have a thriving community here!