Focus Groups 101 - HELP

Brittany Partridge
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How have you run your initial focus groups? What was the group size? What were your data points? Were they successful? How did you find your participants (willing participants)?


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There is a LOT to unpack in your question. Moderating a successful focus group is an expert-level skill. Can you help me understand what would be the goal of your focus group? I could probably help you get the insights you are seeking using a much easier research method.
@yesandux I've done user interviews, now im looking to get hands-on feedback from people trying it independently. I have on-page analytics but want to make sure I'm building the right product. I think the biggest take away is if my hypothesis' are right, which will help me raise $ to build a better thing, right now it's just a working prototype
@yesandux Also help to clarify my target audience, whether to start niche or go for consumer
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@brittany_partridge i'm still a bit confused. "people trying it independently" isn't really a focus group activity. that would be an unmoderated study. ideally with a testing platform that allows you to capture behavioral (what people do) AND attitudinal (what people say), when they are going through your prototype. Is that a fair statement?
@yesandux Yeah that makes sense, do you have software that you recommend?
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@brittany_partridge you could get a free trial of Validately (a UserZoom company) for 30 days. Full transparency, I also work at UZ but get nothing from referrals. I'm on PH for my passion projects :D
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whats focus group?
@deepak_positive where you gather a few diverse people to use your application and see what they say, how they use it, etc
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@brittany_partridge okay thanks. And for me its friends and family!
@deepak_positive that's always a good place to start!
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@brittany_partridge will you be my friend/member of focus group?