IOS vs Android debate: Which's hotter in 2020? Functionality, cost, usability, preferences

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Our phones are now an integral part of our lives and it's with no doubt I am certain to say that we’re more mobile than ever. According to one of the US Mobile App Reports indicates that: We now spend 50% of our digital media time in smartphone apps Time spent in mobile apps absolutely dominates over mobile web We most often only access 20 or fewer apps in a month, but we position them on our screens in a way that makes them easily accessible So on New Years Day (Yes, Jan 1, 2020...first debate of the year lol) over a party this debate came up. With me, being a Steve Job's Apple fan for a very long time, naturally respond with certainty that I'm a proud Apple user and interconnects everything together with my iphones, ipads, macbook, mac tv box, mac mini, etc etc. And then the big debate came up, with some friends having ios devices preference even though it's more expensive, while some others recently switching over to android due to costs, recent peer influences, etc. Throwback to few years ago majority of my friend groups were close to 100% Apple users. It's interesting that user device preferences have shifted. I'm mind-blown by this interesting party conversation, help me out! Here's my question to you: Are you an Apple vs Android user? What is your rationale for your choice selection? Would you shift to the other device in 2020? :)


Ștefan Prohnițchi
Did you note the reasons that your friends mentioned for switching to Android? I find the price to be the main one. Flexibility, customization and the ability to have open two windows at the same time should follow. It's easier to make the shift when you're using only one device. In your case you're tied to the ecosystem and the comfort of a known environment. I picked my Android phone for the perfect ratio of price and value. The number of brands that make Android phones may astonish you and the number of things you can check before opting for a model can be confusing. It's more than just the price / screen size / storage space. Websites like can help with this. The next thing are the apps. I did encounter a few that I wanted but were made only for iOS. You may use a lot of them that have no Android version. I'm waiting for the iPhone SE2 and a price below $500. That's an option I can consider.
Nate Miller
They both have positives and. Negatives to tbem!