What is the biggest challenge you have faced after launching product?

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i know there is a lot, but to me, it has been people making aware my product exists other than technical challenges or other stuff. I would love to hear different stories, and potentially, we can help each other with advices


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Yes, Going from 0 to 1 is hard. Being a developer myself, I have no idea how to take things forward after the app is ready. The best thing may be finding a co-founder to fill the void.
@deepak_positive yes, that step has been really hard for me as well. having a co-founder is one of the things i am contemplating
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@choky I saw your app. Its great. I am building something similar. Instead of complaints I am using polls. The name is OverPoll, you can find it here https://www.producthunt.com/sear...
@deepak_positive saw it, looks good. have you considered to include the polls in images or videos? it could be more interactive and fun to people than just plain text.
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@choky There are two sides to our apps. One is creation of complaint/poll and other is discovery of the same. I am focusing on the latter now keeping the creation part simple. By discovery I mean SEO and DA. So when people google for things like "Increasing violence in city XYZ" they should find the related polls/complaints. Like the way we google our programming doubts and are redirected to stackoverflow.
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@choky I would say the hardest thing is the marketing component. Most builders are focused on creating a great product but even if you want to test the product in the market, you need to put a sales hat on. I would say from my recent experience that means 1. Reaching out to groups on facebook 2. Dabbling in a small ads campaign on whatever platform works best (Google, Facebook, Twitch, Snapchat) 3. Using your own personal network, get as much feedback as possible and look for easy connections to market the product.
@alex_arevalo totally agree with you, marketing is really hard, i am struggling with it. i believe is because i have more the developer chip and view instead of publicist lol. but it is tough to find how to properly make the people aware and eager to use your product
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marketing the product, its very difficult to get any relevant traffic
@piotr_mamenas agree, it is hard to obtain users. I have seen a little increase with social media campaigns though. but it is still not a fast pace