how can i start making people aware that my mobile app exists?

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i just created a new mobile app with the aim of helping the community. I know it is hard to make it known and/or people use it. but i would love to know some tips about how can i do it. in case you want to take a look, you can visit Thanks everyone in advance for your help


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If you are helping the community then I already assume you know who needs that help specifically. Reach out to them. Talk to them, get to know what their issues are, how are they solving it now. Would they like to use your app? That's the start.
@sumitdatta Hi Sumit, thanks for the input. Basically it is for everybody, since the app is to submit your posts and get solutions for the community regarding any topic. i have approached some people and they like the idea, i will continue reaching to them :)
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What community are you talking about, specifically? You should look for ways to find the particular audience for your app and showcase it there as well.
@realdesigntack hey Vaibhav. the tricky part is that it is a really broad audience, because the app works for anybody that need any help and can obtain solutions from others. thanks for the advice, i will try to find particular audiences
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@choky If it is for everybody, you have plenty of options! Target every one of them, in a personalised manner.