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Aaron O'Leary
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Hi Makers! This thread is dedicated to you if you are: (1) launching soon or recently launched (2) looking for beta users (3) asking for feedback on a landing page First, start by helping out another maker. You can check out their launch, give their product a review or share a comment on their launch post. Once you've helped someone else out, share your product link here and BE SPECIFIC about who your target audience is and how we can help. 😊


Lluís Ventura
Hi all, and thanks again for this thread @aaronoleary! One week more we keep improving thanks to your feedback. Starting today, introduce TOPICS: Your notes organized in one simple space. "Topics" helps you keep track of the decisions you took on all meetings. Quickly browse through all tasks and notes agreed. It's simple & powerful. attach your meeting notes to your GCalendar and make them available when you are in your GMeet, and help you keep track of agreements easily. Your feedback keeps us improving! Let us know what you think! Keep safe!
Raul Tiru
@lluis_m_ventura Congrats on the launch! This looks like a great product. - Why did you start with '10h/week in a meeting?' Does it not add value if less? - First thing that I notice when scrolling, is that the background images move weird. - What will I get if I book a demo? It says it's free and I see no pricing. I love that you say 'All in one place and accessible by your team.' So it's not just for single users. Keep up the great work!
Lluís Ventura
Thank you for your comments @raultiru. Really appreciate your feedback! - We say 10h/week, just to make people think about their Calendar. Value is added even with one meeting, but it's very clear when you have lots of meetings with different people. - We will revisit about the images in the scrolling. it should not happen! thks! - is fully free right now (as we are still iterating the product). You will get a short and efficient meeting with some of us for 20 minutes shoing in action. Meetings are with people and that's the nature of!
DeEye Support Team
@aaronoleary @lluis_m_ventura Comeet is wonderful to see your product, we going to try it out and give feedback soon. Thanks Lluis and Nice UI/UX design on your website.
Lluís Ventura
thank you @deeye_support_team! Happy you will give it a try! You can reach me at llventura at
@lluis_m_ventura A big congrats on the launch, the value prop seems super clear from the tagline A few feedback points 1. The "coming soon" at the bottom of the page seems to have a weird font style which doesn't match with the rest of the page 2. The "Office365 user? Sign up for early access" text below book a demo CTA is almost hidden due to the background image 3. I might be nitpicking here - but is there a reason why the social media and other links are arranged in a vertical orientation, it just seems to make the page a bit longer 4. The features page seems slightly bulky at this point 5. The video on the chrome web store is really cool and again makes the value prop clear All the best, would definitely be trying this out!
Hi everyone, I’m Rishi, founder of Siva - a social network designed to help creators to earn money from sharing their content. Our app is like Instagram but creators will get paid every time someone likes their post. I would appreciate any feedback on the site, ease of use, feature suggestions and more. Please take a look at: Thanks!
I know it’s difficult for people to support each individual Creator, so we created a platform where people get access to everyone for one monthly fee.
oussama hamdaoui
@rishisivan why do you need so much information to create an account? I’m usually not fan of websites that require a lot of my personal information especially if the website is new.
@oussama_hamdaoui Hi Oussama, Thanks for your feedback. I'm not a fan of it either but it's necessary for a social network. May be we could ask gender and date of birth later on.
Justin Thomas
@oussama_hamdaoui @rishisivan Would be nice If I could login with another social Account like Facebook or Twitter. The APIs should be able to give you DOB and FNAME LNAME info
@rishisivan as earlier said, users should be able to login with third party apis. Also, what is the value of a like? Congrats on launch.
Mohamed Fergany
Hi, We just launched Convertedin 2.0 your feedback is appreciated
Harshil Sharma
@mohamedferganyt Really explanatory landing page. It clearly explains what you do and your differentiating factor.
James Skarzynski
@mohamedferganyt Quick note, on your landing page it says "Plays Niecly" instead of "Plays Nicely". Also, this wording is a little cumbersome, it might be better to say something like "works well with" or "integrates with". Also, the further down I go, there are some more strange wordings. You might want to invest a bit in a native speaker to just go through it with a fine-tooth comb and fix the wording a bit.
Andrei Baloleanu
Hey everyone, I’m the founder of BunnyWhoWrites (, we specialise in creating how-to content for SaaS platforms and Web apps. Our area of expertise is creating product flows/guides that can be used either as content for the knowledge base, either as content that can attract MOFU/BOFU traffic. Last week we got our first official clients so we’re getting the ball rolling, really excited about that! This week we want to work towards finishing the payments on the website - you can’t buy directly from the website. The clients through recommendations (YEY!) and we set them up manually but we need to finish the flow on the website. At the same time we’re working on adding more samples to our blog so people can get a better feeling of what we’re doing. We’re working on a content distribution process for the content we create and we hope we will be able to finish that in order to start working on promoting our content and getting it in front of SaaS people. That’s pretty much it for this week, a lot of work ahead of us! Please don’t hesitate to offer any feedback regarding the website or the above information! Have a productive week!
Sophia Benhaddou
@andrei_baloleanu1 Hi Andrei! Congrats on the launch and the first clients!!! I'm an early-stage SaaS founder so I might be in one your personas and hopefully, the following feedback on your website helps : - I love the name and the logo! Also, I find the logo font very fitting the content industry. It might be cool for your branding to tell a small story about the bunny.. why bunny? why do you call yourself like this and want to distribute your revenue to bunny rescue organizations? I feel like there is something you could play around here. - On the other hand, I find the fonts used in the website not really readable. The landing page title is to me too big.. so big that I had to read it many times to get it. The background with patterns might also decrease here the readability. I find white space to help a lot with readability in general. As for the paragraph font, I find it too thin and also not great for readability. I see that you use poppins extralight. Maybe you could try with the regular version? The font for menus in the top bar is great (Proxima)! Maybe you could use it as well for your paragraph? And reuse the logo fonts for titles for example? There is a chrome extension called whatfont that comes really handy when you're curious about website fonts. Maybe you could browse some websites you like and use the extension to better understand how they use different fonts and sizes for making the information readable? - There could be some room of improvement in the hierarchy of your landing page content. For example, the "How does it work?" title is the same size as its content: "a dedicated.." and "5 days turn..." so it feels like it's 3 different paragraphs. Small illustrations/icons or just a simple stepper (step 1: dedicated manager, step 2: ...) like you did for the "why how to" section would be great to make sense of the process.
Andrei Baloleanu
@sophia_benhaddou Hey Sophia, this is great feedback, thanks a mil! Actually we got a couple of clients saying the same thing about the font so we're gonna change it later this week. As for the headline, I will try to make the font smaller to it becomes more readable. Hopefully next week I'll be back here with the changes already done and working and something else! Gotta keep moving! :D
John H
@andrei_baloleanu1 Congrats on the progress and the clients! Very exciting to hear. One thing I noticed is that one of your samples combine multiple guides together. For example, the "How to embed your favorite tools in Versoly" contains multiple guides on Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Mailchimp. When looking through your samples I am looking to see if the samples are clear, concise and get the message across. By combining multiple guides together, it seems as though the guides are less concise then they actually are. Though I do get that the topics are semi-related, I think that separating them as individual posts under a "Versoly" category/tag might be beneficial. It keeps the guides concise and helps users find exactly what they are looking for. Overall, great concept. Definitely something that some SaaS companies desperately need haha
Jason Cochran
@andrei_baloleanu1 Congrats on your launch! I like the design and it's laid out well. The app has some issues with performance. If you go into dev tools in Chrome and click on the audit tab and run the Lighthouse report, you will see that you need to cleanup a few things. The "time-to-interactive" is 53 seconds on mobile. If your page load or interactive time goes beyond 10 seconds, the probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases 123%. This can be caused by a high resource load or scripts that take a while to complete. Consider "lazy-loading" your scripts until after your page is fully loaded.
Nenad Golubović
Hello there 👋👋, While speaking with my friends who are long-time RV aficionados and general travel and road trip enthusiasts we came to conclusion that there is a need for a tool that could be used to break their route/itinerary plans by time spent driving. So, firstly, to help them I built a basic prototype of tool that can be used in that way some time ago, and came to conclusion that more people would like to use this in their road trip planning. I am in final stages before launch here, with Upcoming announced here - Looking forward to see people interested in this kind of thing in my subscribers list. Wish you all luck. Peace. 😊
Chris Forster
Hey all and thanks @aaronoleary for the thread We're StreemPay and we're working with content businesses (media platforms, online newspapers and magazines, video and podcast creators, etc.) to help them monetize through a streaming payments platform. Their users can benefit from: - No logins or registration needed creating a seamless browsing experience - Access to the content you want without paying upfront for subscriptions - Greater control over your outgoings and no need to sign up to 100 subscriptions across multiple providers - No janky paywalls to hurdle over, just instant access Content businesses benefit from: - No conversion funnels or checkout flows as your users pay as soon as they land - No abandoned carts strategies - Lower CAC and churn - Higher revenue We have our Upcoming page here: And our landing page here: Grateful for any comments or input!
Sreeram Venkitesh
Hi all! Thanks to @aaronoleary for this! I'm the maker of, an app for writers to get creative ideas and practise writing on. It works by fetching posts from the r/WritingPrompts subreddit into the editor for you to complete the rest of the story. I just released the product today and would appreciate any form of feedback!
Alinnah Qiao
@fillerink Great product! There is so much interesting content on r/WritingPrompts, and this is a really cool way to explore the ideas. I also love the timer feature!
Sreeram Venkitesh
@alinnahq Thanks for the feedback! Glad you find it interesting! The code for prompts is open-sourced in case you wanna check it out/edit and create your own version
Hi everyone. This is a great thread! A few months ago, I launched Litur on iOS and the response was really good. Litur is a color picker that helps you find, collect & organize the colors around you. One of the biggest requests from users was Litur coming to macOS. Was able to finally launch that yesterday and it ended up as No3 product of the day - You can see the product website here - I would appreciate all feedback.
@knightbenax Looks awesome. One small thing: the landing page width doesn't scale to the size of my browser, which gives me a goofy side-scroll experience.
@crobertsbmw oh my. Can't seem to replicate the bug. Could you please tweet me a screenshot? -> @knightbenax
Carlos Yllobre
Hi everyone, I just launched Writty for macOS and a Firefox extension. A minimalist writing app for copywriters, content designers or people who are into writing. Please take a look here: Product Hunt: Website: Thanks and I hope you enjoy Writty!
Alinnah Qiao
@charlieyllobre I love how this product incorporates all the key features while still maintaining a clean, minimalist design.
Hi 👋 I just launched Just Calendar, it's a simple calendar apple watch app. Please take a look here: + Product Hunt: + App Store: I would appreciate all feedback.
Philipp Steiger
Hi fellow product hunters, Thanks for this thread @aaronoleary! We've just launched Platform B on Product Hunt. Have a look on and let us know what you think! We're happy to send you an invite. Just reach out to us :) Thanks 🙏
@aaronoleary @philippsteiger1 I like the idea, congrats on the launch. Just 2 things: Maybe elaborate a little more on the website? I feel that your product hunt description is clearer than the website message itself (although I like the design). Second comment is on spam. How do I make sure that if I sign up on the platform, I'm not gonna be contacted every single day by dozens of people trying to sell me stuff I don't even need, for the benefit of being able to find one specific provider when I actually need it?
Philipp Steiger
@pyndle Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. We completely agree with your first point and are working to add more content and a more elaborate description of Platform B on the website. On spam: You yourself don't have to make sure that you're protected from spam when you sign up. Spam is one of the potential negative effects we've identified early. There are two things we are currently doing to prevent it. 1. Businesses will need to be connected to other businesses (as a provider or consumer of a service) before their members get access and can reach out to other members of the community. 2. Users can only reach out to others through the services other businesses provide. It helps, to sign up early and connect with your providers and customers. The more connections you have, the easier it will be for new customers to find you and potential providers to recognise you as a valuable customer to work with. We hope to welcome you on Platform B, soon!
Mustafa Raslan
Hi PH people <3, Our v 2.0 platform is now live Convertedin 2.0 Thanks for the upvote, and support in advance The platform is for the e-commerce it creates micro targeting ads for audience groups on auto-pilot mode with zero human interaction 1. The platform unify, segments audience coming from variant data sources 2. Recommender analyze their behaviour and suggest products from the catalog to be delivered in ads 3. Ads builder create and run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google more to come soon Don't forget to upvote if you liked it
Rahul Kandoriya
While preparing for the competitive exams the students are facing the main problem of "Planning" the exam and the available solutions in the market are the ones which just give planning for the particular day which the student assigns by creating the plan. What if a student just has to give the exam name, date, subjects, subject difficulty, etc. parameters and the app gives the best possible plan to follow? We are building an app which can make the "Exam Planning" totally automatic and tailor-made to suit the need of individual students. Try out the design:- Note:- The app is still in development(only design is ready) and only optimized for mobile. Would love to see your comments on this one.
Robert Zalaudek
@rahul_kandoriya1 I went to the landing page and the way that it's presented it looks like a to do list. People study and learn in different ways. Will your app be configurable so that I can use it to fit my style? Good luck.
Rahul Kandoriya
@robert_zalaudek Apologies for the delay in reply. I was busy in making my life straight but planning to work on it once again and finish it. Yes definitely it will be configurable and the planning the particular student get will be variable according to the parameters he/she puts in. Happy to solve any queries and happy to have any suggestions.
Hey everyone, I am Santhia, co-founder of Shopision, a eCommerce freelance service marketplace where small businesses can buy service from eCommerce designers, developers and marketers. All feedback will help us improve the product, please let us what you think about Thanks 😊
Sophia Benhaddou
Hello makers! I'm Sophia, founder of I created Excelway for distributed teams to run interactive meetings and workshops in the smoothest way possible. Whether they are running a design sprint, a retrospective, a brainstorming or almost any kind of workshop, distributed teams can rely on a single tool that won't demand any design skills and will help them involve everyone in the meeting to better think together. We're currently in private beta and actively looking for feedback on the tool. If you are part of a remote team, I'd love to have you onboard or simply get on a quick call to understand better the problems you're experiencing with remote meetings. Also, any feedback on the landing page would be most welcome :) Be safe and keep creating, Sophia
Robert Zalaudek
@sophia_benhaddou does your product consist of the templates for different kinds of meetings as well as the communications platform? Looks interesting. Good luck.
Sophia Benhaddou
@robert_zalaudek Hi Robert! thanks for the feedback! Yes it does include templates for problem solving, strategy or ideation meetings methods. Participants contribute in real time through digital sticky notes and can vote on the ideas, structure them and transform them into todos. Does that answer your question?
@sophia_benhaddou Hey Sophia! The product looks really interesting Had a question around the features that will be offered 1. Will this tool allow creation of flow charts/white boarding solutions by participants?
Sophia Benhaddou
@jayesh_gunner Hi Jayesh! Thanks for the feedback! Are you used to using these types of solutions (whiteboarding/flow charts)? Would love to speak if so! At the moment, we offer mostly canvas types of activities (retrospective, customer journey..). There are just so many whiteboarding solutions and our difference goes by the motto : super easy to use + no design skills needed.
@sophia_benhaddou Whiteboarding generally helps in the initial stages of product brainstorming when collaborating with other teams like UX, design etc. Agree with you that there are other tools that do that, I thought that this feature might round out the complete value prop from your product. Just my 2 cents!
Deepak Joshi
Hey Everybody, Wassup! I saw some great products in the Queue. Wanted to showcase mine too. The two things I am worst at are Marketing and Collecting public opinion. Here is my attempt to challenge those weaknesses Give a heads up if possible! Love ya! :) DJ
Refat Ametov
Hey everyone, We're super excited to introduce SpreadSimple, a blazing-fast way to create and manage websites using the power of Google Sheets. With SpreadSimple you can create beautiful, modern websites without the need for any special knowledge. You get features like filtering, search, sorting, cart, SEO and much more, right out of the box. Would love to hear your feedback.
Navid K
Hi, I really liked your product Refat. Useful idea, very well-designed website, and better functionality than all your competitors... Everything works great! If I want to make any suggestion, I say you have a great free plan. Why not promote it on your homepage? There's not even a mention of it! That's it... Well done @refat_ametov and good luck...
@refat_ametov Hey , this looks really interesting. Especially liked the use cases that you have explicitly called out on the site. All the best!
Sub ⭐️
Hey, I'm Sub. I'm launching a product called Tweetpop. - Tweetpop is a simple way to draft, manage and schedule your tweets. - Define a personalised schedule to cater for your audience. Compose and slot your tweets into it. - Whether you are an independent blogger or a small business, make the schedule work for you. - Have a rough idea for an upcoming tweet? Perhaps a link you want to share? Create a draft for later. When it's ready, seamlessly slot it into your schedule. - Want to schedule tweet threads? We've got you covered. Tweetpop will allow you to add multiple tweets into one slot and post them as a thread. - Does it support image upload? Of course, and better yet.. We will auto-magically watermark your images to protect your work. - Oh, and link shortening for those pesky long URLs. All of this in a beautiful UI which will cater for simplicity. There is currently a waitlist for early access: Please sign up if you want to try it for free as an alpha/beta user! I'm open to feedback, thoughts and criticisms from fellow founders on ProductHunt! Thanks!
Garm Lucassen
Hey @subdeveloper - congrats on getting started! How do you plan to differentiate yourself from competitors like tweetdeck?
Sub ⭐️
@garm Hey Garm! Thanks for the response. TweetDeck allows you to schedule one tweet at a time. It is an ad-hoc way to schedule your tweets. Not a great UX if you are someone wanting to schedule many tweets and access an aggregated view. actually released its own schedule feature but it shares the same problems as Tweetdeck - a lack of an intuitive UX for heavy-usage. Both of these products do not support scheduling for threads, which is a big feature to be built into Tweetpop. The competitors that I'm paying most attention to are Buffer, Publer and Hypefury. Buffer has a great deal of market share already. It supports many social medias too. Publer is similar with less market share. Hypefury is probably the closest competitor to Tweetpop because it targets the Twitter audience who desire to grow their following (influencers). I have some feature ideas which will hopefully give Tweetpop the edge while also attracting other audiences too. Having competition in this space is quite a positive for me as I am confident that there is demand for these products! I hope that answers the question. Sub
Raul Tiru
Hi all! How are you? We went live with Lytho last week on ProductHunt, but unfortunately, we did not receive a lot of engagement so I thought, I'd try one more time to see if we can get some valuable feedback from this great community. Easy question: What do you think of our home page and do you get excited to take that next step? Why yes / why no? Bonus points: For those that are familiar with Digital Asset Management systems, would you book a demo with us? Why yes / why no? Thank you so much for your time!
@raultiru What is the difference between Lytho and Dropbox? What is DAM?
Robert Zalaudek
Thanks @aaronoleary We're launching our super simple, secure and practical video conferencing service called urLive here in a couple of weeks. This is for 4-8 people - because small meetings are the norm -- and the people calling you don't need to download or install anything. The coolest feature that we've added in the last couple of weeks is a Calendly-like booking service that calls you when it's time for the call that you scheduled. Never miss a meeting again. Would welcome feedback or suggestions.