5 things I’ve learned about websites

Shivi Jalota
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- Buyers want to see pricing. - Copy dictates the design, not the other way around. - Load time matters. - More options = more confusion. - Your ‘About’ page is more popular than you think. Anything I should add?


Siena Romes
- Put live chat or a chat plugin for users to connect. - Make sure you have a knowledge base for any common queries.
- users would prefer a chatbot like FAQ than using the search feature
Qudsia Ali
UI and UX are also very important. They should be user-friendly and easy to use.
Graeme O’Connor
So agree with this. In particular one thing that really annoys me is when a website says 'contact us for a quote' arggghhhhhh!
Graeme O’Connor
Would also add that landing page and top-of-page messaging are key
Srishty Chaudhary
I think you have summed it up well enough!
Vegavid Technology
Need to give social media links FAQs Contact us page or a contact form at the bottom of the page
Ramon Devils
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boss pak
i would prefer to add a user contact us form so the user will keep in touch with you and submit the latest queries as I have added on my blog cbdoils