Anyone heared about

Sanjay KhanSsk
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Ya it's not that much famous word as of now but I belive it will be a good and better application. We have recently launched Sharely. Which is focused on solving all your link needs. Bio link with unlimited categories, Url shortener with no monthly limits, and Read later support Today I have updated the landing page and pricing page(mostly I have changed all pages UI) Your feedback is always welcome, check out Features Explained: 1. Universal link (Bio link). 2. Universal link with a category. 3. Free URL shorter. 4. Save content for private use.


Hosea varghese
Really liked the minimal design of the page. Personally the green was too bright for me, however that would work brilliantly with dark background.
Sanjay KhanSsk
@hosea_varghese Thanks for suggestion. We will look into it. If you like our product. Please do up-vote