This Application solves all of your links needs is at one place!

Sanjay KhanSsk
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Hello world, We have created for saving, Sharing, Discovering contents(links) [All of your links needs at one place]. Yes, it's live feel free to signup at using it no credit card required, no payment required. ShareLY is created with having 3 concepts in mind. 1. Users can save content for both Personal and Business use cases without having multiple accounts using categorization. 2. Users can share their content with their audience, friends, teams, to anyone. Users share a universal link in bio or in the mail that contains all of the links you want to share. It's good for sharing multiple links. But what if you need to share a single content with your audience what will do? We really need to use some .ly apps to short your link, getting the analytics. That's, not their problem because they're trying to solve that particular problem. That's hard right! So we at ShareLY gives you short any link you want to share with anyone for free without any monthly limits and even get click counts for free. And you can share particular types of content with a particular audience with the Categorized universal link feature. Which means you can share what the audience really needs to see, instead of sharing everything that your audience never wanted. 3. Discover Content: Coming soon... ----- 2 main features: 1. Universal link and Categorized universal link. 2. Short any URL for free.


Sanjay KhanSsk
ShareLY is completely free for personal use. Signup now with no credit card required | send us your feedback.