How Can I get clients for my digital marketing agency?

Medhat Ramadan
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Helping businesses to grow and scale using data-driven marketing and growth hacking strategies. πŸš€πŸŽ― How can I get clients? I need ideas. If there's an opportunity to cooperate, let me know


Hosea varghese
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Alex Papageorge
One of my first businesses was a digital marketing agency. We eventually sold but while I was banging down doors I found a really outside the box strategy to work well. Now.. I must preface this by saying COVID may greatly effect this strategy but here it is anyways... I called it the Fish Bowl strategy. I partnered with local restaurants in regards to managing their social media presence for 1 month if they were to put a legit fish bowl near the front entrance, next to the hostess. Two things happened: 1) I gained a relationship with the restaurant that over 50% of the time converted into a client/sale. 2) At the end of the two week promotion, I had a handful of business cards of people looking (or at least interested enough to put their business cards into a random fish bowl) that I could follow up with directly (names, emails, numbers, etc). Again... This was a different time but it was something I did creatively that catered great results.