Is it possible to launch an app with no previous experience as an employee?

Medhat Ramadan
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I am about to launch my app next March but I have no previous experience as an employee. Some people say that you should work in an organization or start-up in order to gain experience. P.S. I am working on myself every night and day in order to enhance my "knowledge" and till now I am managing all the aspects and controlling all the odds effectively. Let's share!


Ryan Wilson
It's absolutely possible. You'll just have to pick up vital experiences while launching your app instead of already having them from a job. Having a job at an established company can expose you to common business functions so that if you go to interact with other businesses you know what to expect. This also depends on how good the job you have is. Some jobs will get you loads of great experience that will help. Other jobs might have you doing busywork all the time. As long as you keep pushing forward on your app, you'll gain all of the experience you need along the way. There's also no rule saying you can't launch an app now and get a job later.
Medhat Ramadan
@ryan_wilson6 I see that I am learning along the journey of launching my app. Learning development, design, Marketing, Growth Hacking strategies, learning from other startups' stories, Networking, BusDev, and sales skills. The difference is when I was leaning to be an employee, I am learning to launch my app.