Which software(s) do you use to create animated short videos about your product?

Gergely Varga
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Videos like - animated demo - tutorial - teaser - mockups Any ideas are welcome. :) Thank you


Ivica Baraba
I'm curious about this, too.....no experience with this so far.
Gergely Varga
@ibaraba Right? It feels like everybody using something, I just can't tell what... :)
Ivica Baraba
@yuzumetrix my plan is to bootstrap it with my mobile phone and go from there....But I'm curious to learn what others do.
Elen Udovichenko
As far as I know, Loom allows you to easily record simple product demo/walkthrough videos. Other than that, we usually hire professional video producers to create more sophisticated marketing videos :)
Gergely Varga
@elen_u Thank you for the answer. Do you have a contact you could share? :)
I'm dying for an answer too! However, I believe many people pay professional animators instead of making them themselves!
Hosea varghese
I use Adobe After Effects.. It requires some time investment to learn the basics. Once you have the basics down you can create anything your creative mind thinks up. There is a lot of video tutorials on youtube. I believe this youtube channel is great in teaching the basics https://www.youtube.com/user/avn... However After Effects is a premium software.
Gergely Varga
@hosea_varghese Thank you for your comment. I have been hearing After effects mentioned mostly in relation to this. The cost wouldn't be a problem, but I am a linux user (silly me) so using adobe products at the moment doesn't work. - hence I am looking for something online. I will check the videos & tutorials, maybe it's time to invest into a 'media' laptop, haha
Sophia Benhaddou
I've been using screenflow (desktop app for mac) for animated demos/ teasers, as well as tutorials. Although there has been some learning curve and minor bugs, I've found it extremely powerful for creating with freedom and tweaking things with precision. Their tutorial videos and webinars are also very helpful to get you started relatively fast. I first hesitated between Camtasia and Screenflow but decided to go for Screenflow as they include tons of stock videos and audios. You can check the teaser that I made with screenflow here :
As for tutorials, I use screenflow for high end tutorials and gifs but I sometimes use loom as well that has the benefits of simply sending a link to a selected number of users or even embedding the video in the email. For a custom demo or customer support, I definitely use loom (3 min video to demo a specific feature or answer questions for a single user).
Gergely Varga
@sophia_benhaddou Thank you for sharing this. It does look promising. I will have a look. :) Loom is definitely a good option. I have been trialling it. Thank you for taking the time to reply.