What do you think is missing in Page Analytics?

Shraddha Srivastava
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Page analytics involves simple analytics like the number of visitors, time spent, etc, and also complex analytics like heatmaps where you can see User Click Distribution, Attention, and Scroll Depth. Is there anything else that you think is missing from page analytics. Are there any unanswered questions that you would like to understand regarding your key pages like a landing page or home page?


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Hey @shraddhasrivastava, I was not aware of Page Analytics. But it has been dumped by Google now, like most of their products. I was going to look at Hotjar, MixPanel and other options for my product.
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@sumitdatta Hey Sumit, Do you feel anything is missing in these products when it comes to page analytics. Like, slicing and dicing of heatmaps by source, medium or something like that!
Veteran failure, engineer, founder
@shraddhasrivastava To be honest, I feel these become important only when product sites have enough traffic. At my stage, I have just 4-5 unique visitors per day so slicing is out of the question. But to the right stage of businesses, there is a lot of pain in this. So there needs to be solutions too.