Looking for best practices/tips for posting an idea on "Upcoming" page

Alex Arevalo
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Are there any detailed guides on the best practices for posting a product idea on the "Upcoming" page. I am looking to clarify: 1. If I should make a basic landing page site with more images/details of my product 2. How to market and create the best outreach strategy for this page 3. Any other major tips :) Thanks!


Matthew Johnson
Hello - are you referring to creating an upcoming page here on PH/using the Ship feature? Or just generally? A few things I learned in our pre-launch phase: 1. Pre-registering users is good, but by the time you've launched, they will have forgotten who you are and why they signed up. Make sure you explain it again when you send them an email about the launch, and expect low conversions. I see a lot of people assuming that if they have 100 pre-registered users that most of those will actually sign up and use the product when it's live 2. More valuable early on than collecting emails is spending time in forums/communities (like this one, or Indie Hackers, etc), particularly places where your target users hang out and begin sharing content that is relevant and related to your product, being a good member of the community, and getting insights and feedback that way. 3. Never stop launching I did a blog with more takeaways and how we approached this phase if it's helpful https://taskablehq.com/blog/star...
Alex Arevalo
@mattcrail Hey this is awesome! Thank you so much for the reply. I was referring to upcoming page here in PH so this answers the question spot on. Appreciate the tips