Are you building something using Express?

Kalesh Kaladharan
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I am
No. I am not.
I am planning to.


Veteran failure, engineer, founder
Only the React tooling, so not really direct.
@sumitdatta I didn't get you. How is NodeJS/Express involved with React?πŸ€”
Veteran failure, engineer, founder
@kalesh13 The build tools for any JS software (including frontend) run on NodeJS. I read the original post as NodeJS OR Express.
@kalesh13 @sumitdatta I had the same thought. Maybe the question needs a little clarification.
@sumitdatta Thought so. I was mainly looking for an answer for server side frameworks. Updated the question.
@sumitdatta @stefanvladcalin You are right. Just updated the question. @rrhoover I like to have a dashboard for all my posts and discussions, so that I can easily go there and see what is happing with my discussion. Right now, someone has to comment on this poll to see the poll statsπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Is it already available?