How many hours do you code each day?

Kalesh Kaladharan
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Ali Attar
Try WakaTime for better estimates! 😊
Kalesh Kaladharan
@aliatttar Thank you for the suggestion! I am already using TimeCamp for monitoring my daily activities. But they don't have a timer on their MacOS widget. I like having a timer on my screen all the time. I think I should try this.
It's not about how many hours you code but how productive and effective you doing it.
Vaibhav Dwivedi
I would say, it depends on the excitement I have to a project, haha!
Devanand Premkumar
@realdesigntack @andrefuchs So very true. It is the passion and excitement that matters and not the hours for a good project :)
Salil Sethi
Depends on what the priority for the day is. But if building a feature/product, then coding can go on for > 10hours
Devanand Premkumar
@salil_sethi True again. Priority and available timeline determines the effort. It is always a bliss when we reach impossible or hard to reach milestones. It is also true that you get a sense of fulfillment when we achieve that target or milestone planned.
Андрей Дегтярук
It depends. Sometimes I stay away from coding for weeks but on the other hand sometimes I code couple of days in row 20 hours a day :D
Kalesh Kaladharan
@hlogeon That sounds more like me. Though I like my 8 hour sleep. So it's more like 12-14 hours for me.
Yan Sidyakin
Can you really code productively for 10+ hours?🤔
Kalesh Kaladharan
@sidyakinian Yes, definitely! I've done it myself a few occasion. You can't do that everyday for a long period.
Андрей Дегтярук
@sidyakinian yes, sure. Imagine you love coding and you didn't code anything for 2-3 month. Sometimes it leads me to looong coding sessions. It's like you stay home couple of days and only code, eat and sleep :)