What is the best way to spread word about your affiliate program?

Gaurav Sharma
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Our product https://helpwise.io is an easy to use and affordable shared inbox for fixing email chaos. Sales cycle is short so affiliates can do really well. But, I'm not sure how to find and onboard affiliates apart from few here & there from our small user base. So, would love to hear your tips and ideas on growing affiliate program. P.S. We are offering 20% recurring commission for every referred customer.


Gabriel Birnbaum
Why do you want to spread the word, or even do affiliate? I mean, it seems like you are targeting sales teams, so why not just write them? And then once they are happy ask them to refer you to other sales teams in exchange for credit or something?
Gaurav Sharma
@gavri_birnbaum Hey, we have tried that with our previous products. Referrals via customers are great but they don't really scale fast in early days. So, I believe affiliates will help us in two ways 1) get us new customers 2) spread word (pseudo marketing)