What would you like to see built? Add your #RequestForProducts

Ryan Hoover
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Hi, everyone! Super excited to see what everyone creates. We shared a list of things to build in the announcement of the next Makers Festival this morning, but I'm sure you have plenty of ideas. If you have something you're planning to build and are looking for ideas or someone to team up with, add it here. If you have wild ideas you'd like to see built, also add it here. Let's use this space to share ideas, gather feedback, and meet others that are interested in working on a particular project.


Ryan Hoover
I'd love to see someone create a mobile app for Makers to make it super easy for people to start and complete goals on the go. If anyone works on this, please let me know. I'd love to help out. 🙌🏼
@rrhoover +1 it would be awesome to access goals and the community on-the-go 📱
@rrhoover I'm on it! Starting on this today after familiarising myself with the new API and OAuth flow. :)
Sarun W.
@rrhoover Would love to create one, but terms that said I can't use API for commercial use (monetize the app e.g. ads) worry me about sustainability of the app. Would be fun to create one for the festival, but without monetize I can't maintain it forever.