If you’re bootstrapping, you don’t get to sell the $10 product?

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What pricing are you offering for your app? How do you decide? Do you agree that "if you’re bootstrapping, you don’t get to sell the $10 product"? ---- I've seen hints that a freemium tier might work, so find myself leaning towards it. e.g. one person found my product from a 'Powered by' link, and each time I send the Prototypr.io newsletter out with "Made with Letter" in the footer, I see a small bump in subscribers to my product's Ship page. Intercom's product grew from this - 'Powered By' made the app became their biggest inbound referral. I remember Marvel mention they had success with it when I worked there. So free can be okay, as long as you have paid tiers to go with it. Has anyone got any experience with this?


I’ll be writing a blog post on my experience. I went from thinking free, to purely paid, and finalized freemium eventually. But I only went with freemium when I understood it was the right offer for my ideal customers, had enough differentiation in paid features, and could provide a great freemium experience, where users don’t feel like we’re blocking them from the core value. I am glad to hear that referral and attribution worked for you. It’s a key part of my growth plan for 1Brand.
@tela Yeah I think attribution works best for embeddable products - e.g. Marvel is prototype, intercom is widget..1Brand sounds like something people could embed too
Tuan (Alan) Nguyen
This is actually a very good topic to discuss. My app (https://habitify.me) has gone through all the tiers and now we've settled down on a freemium-subscription model. It works perfectly fine for us. This model can even sustain both Habitify and also another app that we're building at the moment. P/s: We bootstrap :)
Soumya Arora
@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 Hey!! I love habitify! Didn't know you guys were on Product Hunt! If you don't mind, I just had a question regarding pricing. Your monthly price is 5.99 / m while your yearly price is $25 (so around $2 / month). Is there a reason why there's such a huge difference? Have you considered raising your yearly price or decreasing your monthly price? Thank you!
Donald Ng
Does $50/mo considering a high price point?