What will tourism and travel look like in the post-COVID world?

Medhat Ramadan
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I wanna know your opinion about traveling and booking in the post-COVID world. Do you think traveling apps will change their business model?


Hey, I started a travel visa business 4 years ago. We just ran a survey among our travellers in 2019 (more than 100k) and we got these results: https://www.ivisa.com/visa-blog/... I don't think travelling apps that survive will change their business model. Humans are fast to forget and go back to old habits. Pandemic like the current ones have happened in Asia for years, and they haven't changed their travel behaviour that much.
Medhat Ramadan
@sergio_merino1 Good Luck with your startup Sergio! I think their behavior may be change. Travelers will use another criteria in deciding to travel.
Aliana Blazer
I really miss traveling, in all my life i wanted to explore the beauty of the world and nature that refreshes a person completely. Due to the current disaster the most i miss is the travel. Hope everything gets back to normal as its used to be. Lets all pray that someone find a cure immediately for COVID-19. #staysafe
Kimberley Risley
Possibly if lockdowns continue through to next year, but what would they change them to?
Medhat Ramadan
@kimberley_risley They must be aware that the traveler as a (customer or a user) may be changed as a result of COVID19.
Deepak Kumar Prabakaran
I am optimistic. People really miss traveling, so I only feel that public will be more aggravated and tourism will spike. We will either find the cure or invest in technology to live with it.
Medhat Ramadan
@deepak09 YES! I'm completely optimistic. People are full hungry for traveling. It's a great opportunity.
Just had this in my inbox. Thought it might be of interest. :) Springwise: 7 TRAVEL INNOVATIONS RESPONDING TO CORONAVIRUS https://www.springwise.com/innov...
Amir Lahav
Good question. My guess is yes, Booking might find it difficult to race hotels to the bottom, because hotels that are going to come out on the other side of this are going to be more cash resilient and therefore able to invest in marketing and additional services. Apps like Airbnb or Turo will be able, and probably want, to establish a higher level of trust.
Dom Magi (SinGum)
Here in Germany, the lockdown is going very very light. All jumped out and they are like Tsunami..... out hotels and Holiday Places get 50% more then before Cor. I see there is many many to develop like apps or Marketing and E-Commerce. I work on a Dropshipping Site. If have someone a lazy day and will collaborate with WP and WooComm Projects, and some other Ideas they will out of my mind. Let me know :) I am so slow becouse i paid a loss of money and get back nothing. -.- And no, i don't want any for free. More when you interested :)
Anirudh Sarangan
Change their business model? I doubt that...but Tourism & Hospitality vertical will take a while to bounce back. I believe it's a 50-50 scenario where 50% will be waiting eagerly to hear the news of lockdown relaxation in tourist zones. Whereas the other 50% will most likely not have the disposable income for travel. There might be a boom in domestic travel because people might just want to unwind within their respective countries. The T&H vertical is extremely resilient and it will bounce back from these events.
مشاعل الكندري
Hi .i think this is good for me i just have started but iam lorning from this thins
Ayoub Hakdaoui
Local tourism, far retreat with few staff
Gordon Campbell
As demand changes, businesses will have to modify their offering. I recently launched Destinfo.com, which helps people during the Covid-19 restrictions to start planning their next trip: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Medhat Ramadan
@gordon_james_campbell YES, I am following Destinfo.com and impressed by the idea. Good Luck, Gordon!
Austin Yang
I used to work at Klook (Softbank-backed), sharing a few thoughts: - We have to define what "post-COVID" mean, like after vaccine? or after lockdown ends? From public health perspective alone, I don' think things will be back to pre-COVID maybe 1-2 years after vaccine is developed (time for mass production, distribution, countries implementing policies...etc). - Desire to travel will be the same as pre-COVID (if not more), but the economic impacts will limit people's ability to do so. - Supply will probably have the biggest changes. Due to COVID, people realized just how bad airlines and booking platforms (e.g. Expedia) are managing their cash and treating their customers. This will force some changes, and they won't necessarily be a good thing for the travel industry in the short term if airlines and hotels are operating more conservatively (i.e. no more cheap deal -> drive down demand). - Many local tour operators will be gone by then, and newer ones won't come out that quickly. The ones that are left will diversify their offerings and improve operation efficiency.
I think people will start to explore more remote places in the near term than crowded tourist locations. The footprints to these places will be likely more than pre-covid days & will most likely sustain even after a efficient vaccine. Also, another possibility is - given the economic impact of covid - people will become budget conscious and look for more bargains. Making them explore more locally (state parks, close-by road trips).
George Bliss
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