What is your favourite tool for managing NPS surveys?

Kimberley Risley
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What tools have you used, or really like the look of, to manage NPS surveys? I am wondering if there are just a few that people really love, or if there are more tools popping up that I haven't heard of yet.


Kimberley Risley
I love Pendo for this as you can set it to repeat every 90 days and it will spread out who it asks, so the same users don't keep getting asked repeatedly. It's also very easy to see your results and track it over time. But I'm curious to know if you like any other tools?
Tanuj Diwan
Hi Kimberly, We use our own tool for NPS surveys- SurveySensum and 1000+ people use it now. One thing I have noticed with in-app surveys is that you rarely get good text responses as you're actually breaking the flow of the user by Popup and users don't like to fill that over In-app. But because you get more responses, we still use it on our own product(Monthly) and treat that NPS as a conversation starter, we reach out to each person who fills the survey to ask them how we can improve and that results in far more engagement and beautiful insights. There are a few competitors which are good as well. Delighted Retently Promoter.io Let me know if you have any other questions on NPS and I will try to help