How is the upcoming page? Any suggestions?

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Here is the link to upcoming page -
All OK
Needs modification


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The copy is not clear right now. I could not understand what it is for - like what's "the beginning", "game life" etc
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@kush_apoorva Yes, I understood your point. Updated to make it more clear. Thanks for reviewing. Are you working on something too?
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@shvn So much better now. I would also change "You can use our open beta product through here." to something more succinct like "Check out the beta here >>" I am working on - here's the upcoming page Would love your feedback too.
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@kush_apoorva Looked in to yours. Your points are concise, though I generally like emoticons at varying places, adds emotion to the statements. The image is not so clear. I was interested to click and see larger versions of it, both on upcoming and your site.
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@shvn Great, thanks for the feedback. Will move the emoticons. I am still working on the image. It will be replaced by a video. On the website too.