Does your software offer Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales?

Aline Tan
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If so, mind to share the link over here? thanks!


Iqbal Ghani
This year, Detrack is offering their very first Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotion! Earn yourself USD$100 worth of credits right now when you purchase your first subscription from a new Detrack account. Use the promo code DEBLACK19 when you purchase your first subscription and receive USD$100 worth of Detrack credits in your account. Learn more about the amazing deal here:
Kamil Kwiecień
Yes, we have Life Time Deal on Taskeo for BF & CM. $39 to get full access to Project Management module. We also offer in pre-sale CRM, Email Marketing and Appointment Scheduling modules for just $19. Buying it now gives you full access when it's ready and you support our development. Here is the link with all details:
Aline Tan
@kamil_kwiecien Perfect! I was just looking for project management software last week! will take a look at it!
Aline Tan
@kamil_kwiecien I was trying to make payment via the link but it says "account using this email already exists." I havent signed up with the email address yet 😅😅
Yusuf Giftworks
Hi Aline! I'm building a webpage builder where you can create beautiful and modern about pages for just about anything e.g. an about page for yourself, your pets, your business, your club etc. I'm also having a promotion for up to 50% on all plans. Hope you'll give it a try, it's free to test it out :)
Siddhant Sharma
Yes. is In-App Messaging tool that provides interactive Chat Platform for your Pre-developed Webistes or Application. For This Year's Black friday and Cyber Monday offer is FLAT 100% OFF i.e. FREE 1-Month Subscription from 29th Nov'19 to 9th Dec'19. Take a look at the Tool by Requesting a Demo from here: Visit for More Info: You can register here to avail the Offer and Our Team will Contact you:
Manish Gupta
Yes, CaseFox legal billing software is offering a Flat 50% Off on this Black Friday & Cyber Monday to its New and Basic Plan Customers. Visit to know more about this deal: