Which specific industry do you work in?

Aline Tan
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Curious to hear.


I work in tech - hehe. But specifically I work within community, creating content and building partnerships to increase growth and engagement. How about you @aline_tan?
Annie S.
Dating. Hopefully I can see many people find their loved ones on our app.
Aline Tan
@annie_s Interesting! May I know what is the name of the app?
Dhruv Bhatia
I work in ed-tech. I keep trying other things, but always end up in this domain haha
Dason Goh
@dhruv_bhatia what other things have you tried?
Aline Tan
@dhruv_bhatia really? 😆 how do you find this domain?
Dhruv Bhatia
@aline_tan I wanted to find the problems that I was most passionate about solving, and the ones where I could have the maximum imoact..
vikas pawar
I work for Indo-japanese Fund, looking for intersting startups to support in anyway I can @aline_tan
Johan Bavaud
I think I work in death-tech or, smoother said : end-of-life-tech.
@johan_bavaud Curiosity is piqued! how so?
Johan Bavaud
@abadesi 😊Curiosity is a great quality. We create in 2017 a service to help people who lose someone. We have more than 4k swiss families on our platform now. We will launch an English version officially on 31.10.2019 on PH to get feedbacks and plan our internationalization. If you are still piqued, please check our values : https://www.tooyoo.ch/en/philoso...
Rohan Talip
Social media / planning for friends and colleagues, to help them get together more easily.
Suraj Pabba
Working in tech, building for all types of workers.
jacobo hernandez
Commercial Construction
Björn Rave
I work in tech. I am just in the last steps of refining my new platform to show to everyone :) It's going to be about crowdsourcing unique spots and events in your neighborhood with communities, which are like chatrooms with a specific topic, to meet up with people around you
Aline Tan
@bjoern_rave Good to hear that! Are you going to launch it in PH?
Björn Rave
@aline_tan yes, I am planning to. I just need to improve some smaller things. It is actually already live, if you want to check it out: https://plezzles.com
I am hungry to know about digital world🤔
Dason Goh
Amazing! I work in tech - B2B logistics SaaS
That gives to express your ideas which is reliable with industries..!! @peppy_ocean
Rushi Jash
Hi. I work in entertainment - tech industry. Basically working for a start that makes going to the movies easy. :)
Mateusz Goleń
E-commerce manager in B2B consumer electronic company. But i am change that job for Edu-tech company.
Wilson Bright
Working on privacy tech. blocksurvey.org is the app
Hi i am cooking and baking expert,freelancer @ upwork.I run my youtube channel and blog to share my passion to the whole world