How do you assure that relevant data is seen by your team?

Nils Herrmann
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How do you or your team become aware of important business metrics? Do you send out daily/weekly/monthly spreadsheets to all relevant stakeholders? Do you show your team/company data on a wallboard? And what kind of tools are you using?


Matthew Johnson
For one company I am working with we have all relevant metrics in Data Studio, and every Monday at 9am we get a Slack message with a recap from the previous week.
We have good amount of data flowing from different teams (Marketings, sales, solutions, POCs & product adoption). For one, we use Paper by Dropbox, Trello & some dashboards (For internal team). We send out weekly metrics (Some of them are automated) in a curated dashboard & to keep it simple, we have 5 metrics from each functions. Tools: Freshsales, Paper, Trello, GA, Hubspot, Mailchimp & so on,.
Giorgio Groß
@abilashnhari Wow really sounds pretty nice, what's your team size that you handle with that setup?
Giorgio Groß
Yeah we also experienced this callenge. Currently, in a small team we do this: 1) We have a dashboard at Amplitude that was tailored to compress the most important metrics, anyone depending on these metrics has access to that and is required to check that every few days. 2) We created broadcast slack channels for each subdivision (customer development, product development, financing, ..) where one admin broadcasts the most important information. 3) We have weekly synchronization that summarizes developments and observations in all areas and concludes with the things that currently need our attention, so that everyone is always contributing to the "right" tasks. Guess it depends on your team size though... :)