How are you socialising with coworkers whilst working from home?

Antoine Mace
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In the era of COVID-19, working from home has become the new normal. Companies like Twitter or more recently Shopify are announcing a full remote policy. In the long term, how will these companies be able to maintain a great social working environment? If I'm honest I do miss office banter, quick chats at the coffee machine, or after works with way too much drinking for a Monday... I guess I'm a bit biased as I've actually co-founded a product that does reply to some of these concerns FunApéro


Fernanda Sana
Our team is connected through Slack - I feel like it's a virtual office. We have even small chit-chats and meme exchanging. Also, we throw an online happy hour on Fridays, to play some games all together.
Bruno Raljić
We have - morning virtual coffees - weekly or biweekly status updates which involves giving kudos directly - At night we gather and play CS:GO - Every now and then we have a Pub quiz (after 8, some beers included) - we're running remote tabletop D&D sessions that's something I can think from top of my head