What do you prefer doing on your weekends?

Calum Webb
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It's often difficult to find a good balance between work and relaxing, especially with how hectic life can be. For me, because I balance working at Product Hunt and University, I prefer working on weekends so that I can keep a consistent, productive routine, although I do make sure to make time to relax in my schedule. What do you prefer, and what are your plans for this weekend?


Artem Larin
I make this comment option "Both".
Ryan Hoover
@artemlarin haha, I was going to say the same thing. :) Last night me and Suzy went to see Fakear. Definitely recommend seeing him if you get a chance. Today I've been mostly catching up miscellaneous things, prepping for the Product Hunt team offsite next week. 🥳
Ray Dennis
@artemlarin Same. Saturday is basically a work day - 50%-75% of the day. Sunday I'm off. Also, trying to limit social media on Sundays as well.
David Miranda
You have to give yourself downtime! My best ideas come to me when I'm relaxed.
Louis Grenard
I went part time few months ago. I use my weekends and Mondays to work on my day job, then the rest of the week for me where I relax when needed.
Garet McKinley
I go through waves. If I'm currently working on a side project I'm excited about, I will work tirelessly on the weekends, because it's legitimately fun for me! But when I am between projects, I prefer just relaxing and catching up on YouTube subscriptions or writing music
Calum Webb
@garetmckinley That sounds like a good way to go about it, especially with writing music over the weekend!
Kate Fowler
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Emmanuel Hadoux
I think this whole attitude of crunching and "if you don't work 70h a week you're just lazy" is really promoting a unhealthy behaviour. Note that the question is what you prefer doing, so 100% relaxing, even though sometimes I have to work, but I'm not happy about it.
Rhona Aylward
I try to keep weekends as free as possible. I'm really busy during the week and need weekends to do chores otherwise they don't get done. On saying that I usually end up working for a couple of hours on a Sunday, more if there's a deadline looming.
Vineta Gajevska
Thanks starting this discussion @calum ! I would love to choose the option "Both" same as @artemlarin and others here :) For me it's crucial that I plan the week so that I don't ever have to work on the weekend, even if there are deadlines approaching or rocks falling from the skies. With that being said, I have set up my weekends for learning new skills that are not always work-related, but sometimes do overlap (6-8 hours every day on the weekends). If that counts as work, then I guess I'm working on weekends as well, but it doesn't feel like work, cause I have a different focus on what I'm doing - mostly I learn with the main purpose being "I want to learn new things", if this makes sense. After my learning sessions every day on the weekend I relax. On Saturdays I do it completely alone, whenever possible (95% success here). This lets me reconnect with myself without anyone or anything influencing my thoughts, actions and behavior, so I can just recollect who I am and what I want and how I feel. This means no meet-ups with anyone, no people around, no phone, no social media, no technologies like that. And on Sundays after my learning I mostly spend time with family and friends, and meal-prepping for and with the family. Also, @rhona_aylward mentioned that weekends tend to be the only time to do the chores, so I have come up with a specific schedule for myself to just do some of the chores during the working days (specific small tasks after work on certain days or earlier in the mornings before work on others), so that I can make more time for relaxing during the weekend. On the rare occasion when I take the time of "learning new things" on the weekend, I just do nothing. I literally eat good food, sleep and go for long walks by myself or with my loved ones. @georgall Has come up with a pretty neat way to relax after a longer work-sprint, although not sure it would work for me - maybe gotta try next year... But one thing I can agree works well in my favor with the current schedule is not having kids or pets atm.
Wow , 50 % are working
Matthias Hagemann
Prefer doing: relaxing; actually doing: working.
Neil Wainwright
I'm a founder so it's 7x24. Weekends mean less meetings and more time to get things done. :) Yes, and still have fun!