What are you working on this weekend?

Calum Webb
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If you're working on a project this weekend, share it with us in the comments down below and we can support each other with our plans πŸ™Œ This weekend, aside from working on PH, I'm going to be reorganizing my Todoist πŸ˜„


Ignace Maes
Currently working on social media weekly/monthly PDF reports for https://www.socialtracker.io 😁 Really think it will be a major benefit for a lot of my users, and a good selling point as well. Besides the business part, it's been very interesting so far to learn how to programatically generate PDFs!
This weekend I am working on small fixes for my latest product ( https://66analytics.com ) and customer support for people who got the product πŸ™Œ
Piotr Bartoszek
🧼 Polishing look&feel of Owwly πŸ“ˆ Reorganizing navigation based on data from Google Analytics πŸ“§ Send some emails to potential Owwly's users
Michael Andreuzza
Working on a design system for Colors and Fonts I am planning to build a new one from scratch and use it for the newsletter. I didn't expect so many subscribers, almost 500 ! in such a short time, 1.5 month and I want it to be exclusive. Also working on a new logo, the one I have according to a user looks like P&G Te.... haha I can't take it of my mind So it's time to change it. I am always open for feedback. Have a great day everyone !
Calum Webb
@michael_andreuzza Colors and Fonts looks great! After your updates, are you planning to make an update post on Product Hunt soon?
Michael Andreuzza
Hey @calum ! Thank you so much. Yes, I have planing to do it, but I keep adding stuff every week. The actual layout was updated a week ago more or less. I need to update pictures, descriptions, new pages and so on. I have been also thinking to relaunch because it has change a lot. I only had 3 pages, without a landing page so I guess is soon the time for it... At least next week I will update colors and fonts description on PH that's for sure. Have a great one Calum.
Michael Andreuzza
Hey @calum I have updated Colors & Fonts profile with new shots, and descriptions, thinking to launch Tomorrow or Wednesday. Thank you for the reminder !
Ray Li
Wow, such cool projects everyone is working on!
Dennis MΓΌller
Started working on productivity.so yesterday and live-tweeting about the process! Launching here on Tuesday or something :) https://twitter.com/dennismuellr...
Robert Zalaudek
@muellaire I like the idea for productivity.so Looking forward to the launch. Ich wuensche viel Erfolg!
Jake Tital
Working on getting Joint Venture partners for my new software in the youtube advertising space
Yannik Schrade
I am working on https://www.producthunt.com/post... . I just submitted the next update to the App Store and am waiting for approval.
Robert Zalaudek
Hi Calum: Thanks for starting this thread. I'm sending an update to the subscribers of our Upcoming Page for urLive http://bit.ly/2NrDpMm I'm also finishing a blogpost for our productivity product Pomodus, which was our first PH launch http://bit.ly/3bvsE6d. I'm also introducing two people that I think will have a lot in common.
Stefan Ninic
I'm working on social network specified for organizing and sharing events, still in early phase https://quick-meetup.com
Jess Tan
This weekend I'm working on some fixes for http://workoutsesh.com/. WorkoutSesh features free workouts that ranges from 6-15mins. Comes with an interval timer so you can easily follow these workouts!
Chris Theodor
Started the second phase of my project which is called "Use The Local" (www.usethelocal.com) and is a global hobbyist locator which tries to bring together people with the same hobby.
Hi @calum I just launched https://www.producthunt.com/post... and I sharing it on social media this weekend
Maximilian Torggler
Making https://cantara.js.org (a CLI tool to develop Fullstack webapps with TypeScript) work on all operating systems + writing much needed integration tests
Navin Pareek
Working on the NoCode course I am writing on https://buildastack.com
Amit Yadav
I'm working on Product hunt, we are planning to launch our product on product hunt. and needed you help.
Jakob Barnett
Trying to finalize YerbaList, a website dedicated to helping those trying to start CBD product businesses: https://yerbalist.com
Lorenzo Buosi
Love this thread! Working on phase 2 of https://morseapp.io πŸ‘€ Figuring out event categories and a better way to browse events πŸ’» Wrapping up web version Weekends are never long enough lol
Igor Zimnitskiy
Working on new features for my latest project https://www.InstaLoadGram.com which helps to export Instagram data to Excel spreadsheet and analyze.