What do you think the biggest problem surrounding your personal data is?

Brittany Partridge
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Keeping it organized
Having control of who sees what, etc
Keeping is safe


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@gal_ringel - do you have anything to add? I think saymine.com is doing a great job at it. https://www.producthunt.com/post...
@gal_ringel @ryonatan cool idea but how are you securing my data?
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@ryonatan @brittany_partridge Hey Brittany, We developed a non-intrusive Machine Learning and NLP and monitors your email inbox by only looking at the email subjects (and in-memory) and without processing the content of the email or your personal data. In fact, no trace of the emails is kept in our database. We committed to collect the bare minimum of personal data we need in order to provide you with our service. Moreover, we've gone through an external security auditing test our system and are in-line with GDPR and CCPA, so you can reach out to ask for a copy of your data to see exactly what do we keep. More information in our FAQ - https://saymine.com/faq
@ryonatan @gal_ringel what type of database?
Co-founder and CEO @ Mine
@ryonatan @brittany_partridge feel free to reach directly and I’ll share more. It’s not smart to share architecture related topics on a public platform as we are talking about security, right? :)
@ryonatan @gal_ringel just pinged you on LinkedIn