Looking for beta testers

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I'm creating a platform that connects developers, designers, marketers or anyone who's interested in building tech startups and digital products. i came here asking for help with testing for bugs, usability and i would be really grateful to anyone who takes the time of the day to leave some constructive feedback and suggestions. https://makersleague.co/


Ryan Wilson
Hey there! I checked out your website. My first impression of your landing page was that the color was a bit overwhelming. The box with the hero text is kinda hard to read with that half opacity. It feels like things are a bit crowded with all of the imagery. I would strive to add more blank space between elements and make your fonts a little smaller. Beyond the visuals, I think the idea is good. It makes sense that it's a platform for designers, developers, and marketers to connect and work on projects together. I think the assumption that people will just start working together after reading about an idea is a bit optimistic. You should introduce some ways for people to get to know each other before committing to working on a project together. Perhaps you could introduce some type of virtual ice breaker games for people to play together if they are interested in a project. It would also be cool if people could create profiles with a portfolio of things they've worked on, and then project owners could reach out and ask them for help. I'm just trying to think of ways that there could be a little more structure to the process. If people could come up with defined tasks for a project so that prospective viewers could see what needs to be done right away and if that interests them. Then also come up with some way to help people trust that they won't be wasting any of their time. It's a tough nut to crack, but I think you've got a good starting foundation. I see you have some people on your platform already. Are you chatting with them to see what they are looking for in the product? I'm currently loaded up with projects so I'm not looking for any more to work on at the moment.