Looking for beta testers

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I'm creating a platform that connects developers, designers, marketers or anyone who's interested in building tech startups and digital products. i came here asking for help with testing for bugs, usability and i would be really grateful to anyone who takes the time of the day to leave some constructive feedback and suggestions. https://makersleague.co/


Fernando Cordeiro
I notice all the words in the texts begin with an uppercase letter. Was it on purpose? Strains the eye...
I think in general the branding needs to be refined.. the font is not easy to read and the words are too big, and the picture in the first page seems deformed. I went into the "Find Makers" part and I think it's a little bit weird that people's boxes are of different dimensions and it's not possible to see more than one persone at first glance. Also, it's not clear what the project number means.