What channels do you use for your business communication (team/clients/customers)?

Kyrylo Taranenko
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My team and I work on the app that simplifies sharing the most important information that comes from business messaging. It would be helpful to learn where your business communication happens at most and if something about these apps or channels annoys you when you need to review/report/collaborate on communication from there?


Ravi Gupta
Hello @kyrylo, I like the idea and we are also working on a tool to simplify your work, to-dos, and communications. Whether you are writing your travel itinerary, managing team projects or planning future milestones, getting things are done via due.work(https://www.due.work) is simple, exciting and fun! You can use Due.work for: • Task Management • Shopping List • Taking Notes • Teamwork Management • Lead Management • Project management • Project planning • Todos and Reminders • Game Development • Advertising • Sales Planning • Travel Itinerary • Bug Tracking and many more... You can access Due.work from any device: You can access your work and can get real-time updates from anywhere and on any device • Android • Mac OS • Windows OS • Linux • Chrome Extension • Firefox Extension • Opera Extension • Browser with all device type support.
Kyrylo Taranenko
I'll be the first to share. Working on this app, we have a lot of discussions on Slack internally, and use e-mail and Intercom to communicate with our users. But as we have a primary business as a software development/consulting company, a lot of communication with clients there happens on Whatsapp and e-mail as well. This is how we came up with the idea. As there is a lot of work involved in coordinating projects, and communication with clients that happens on Whatsapp, e-mail and on Slack has a lot of impact on it, we created the app to help us make lists of most important messages and attachments from different channels and exchange access to them. This makes sure the information will never be lost and sharing it will be easy. So, for us, the stack is the combination of e-mail, WhatsApp, Slack and (optionally) Intercom.
These days clients communicate on every channel I make myself available on: email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, iMessage. With my team its emails and WhatsApp
Alex Barlow
We have a distributed team across 4 Cities and two Countries. Slack and Jira the main workhorses, Whatsapp for urgent comms (travel delays, power outages etc). Missed messaging and retrieving/storing important data from slack and whatsapp are the main pain points.
For business communication, I use a combination of channels including email, instant messaging, and voice calling. Clariti's integrated platform allows me to communicate with both my team and clients efficiently. @efficient_builder923