What does beauty mean to you ?

Artem Galenko
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Something which is aesthetically pleasing.
Alex Barlow
Something you see or hear that evokes a sense of something more than what your experiencing. Something I don't really get with touch, taste or smell.
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something you hear or see that makes you feel like there is more going on than what you are actually experiencing. Touch, taste, and smell don't truly convey something to me. From the best beauty bloggers you can know more about it. It's simpler to get your ideal beauty when you have a body hair removal kit and makeup lessons from the top beauty influencers and bloggers. It is clear from the characteristics of the top 25 beauty bloggers and influencers to pay attention to that becoming a makeup artist requires love, passion, dedication, and influence.
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Alamdar Shah
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Alex Wasi
It is the kindness, grace and respect someone encompasses to another, whether a friend or stranger. It is the happiness conveyed from a person's heart, which affects their actions in everyday life. Beauty is something God created, which is untouched by man.
Danny Acton
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Beauty, to me, It's not just about flawless features or youthful skin, although those can certainly enhance our confidence. True beauty lies in the tapestry woven by our experiences, our resilience, and the stories etched on our faces. It's the twinkle in the eyes of someone who's overcome challenges, the laugh lines marking moments of genuine joy, and the quiet strength radiating from someone who knows their worth. My role, as a cosmetic dermatologist, isn't just about changing appearances; it's about empowering individuals to embrace their unique narratives and unlock the confidence that allows their inner beauty to shine through. It's about helping them feel comfortable and celebrated in their own skin, wrinkles and all because that's where the real magic lies.
Mahesh Dalle
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