Idea Validation: a 365 project to help you build consistent behaviour

Alin Rauta
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Hi there fellow makers, I quit my job and went freelancing 2 months ago. Since then I’ve been thinking of side projects ideas and get feedback for them from people. Nothing materialised and that led to some self reflection. The conclusion is that I lack consistency and that’s how I come up with Wroteapost. 1. What is it? Wroteapost is a 365 project. What’s a 365 project? It’s a challenge to do something every single day, usually for a year. Wroteapost is a writing challenge. It’s about documenting every day with a single post and helps you become consistent in something. 2. How it works? - Write down your thoughts every day. That sounds simple, right? - Every day, publish one post to Wroteapost. Just ONE. - Repeat it for a whole year. Try not to miss a day. 3. What’s the point? I believe this formula helps you to improve your self-discipline and develop a daily habit. One day at a time. 4. Hmm, I still don’t get it - I see Wroteapost being a community of individuals that wants to build a habit and stick with it. - You can read other people’s posts and give them a like. - Wroteapost it’s not about being in competition with others, but with yourself and that’s why you can only see the number of likes on your own posts. 5. Would it be paid? Yes, Wroteapost would be a paid platform (something menial like a 7$/month type of charge). 6. Why? - Make you more motivated to keep building the habit - Keep away trolls - Keep the lights on So, what do you think? Would you like to be part of Wroteapost community? Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Interesting idea but I think it would be helpful if you created a lean canvas for wroteapost and think rather critically about things like what makes it unique, what's your unfair advantage etc. Asking people to pay to build habits feels very counterintuitive. Motivation is made up of lots of things, accountability being one of them. But there also has to be a sense of rewards, a sense of passion or interest. Those are my thoughts.
Marat Chukmarov
Hi, there's a free service, but it didn't help me with the habit. I guess, in order to be competitive(but rather helpful) service should be nose deep in some psychology/behavioristics. I doubt, that it's easy to create a model first - we're not masters of our own houses - we're not doing, what we're telling ourselves to do). However, you still can find some niche with some 'almost-there' kind of audience. The most systematic approach I've seen was in the book 'Atomic Habits' by James Clear. I hope it helps.