What is the social network you use the most?

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Kalesh Kaladharan
Twitter for work and Instagram for entertainment😀
Blake Burch
I ditched social media around 5 years ago, only spending time lurking and reading news sites (Reddit, HackerNews, Feedly) after that. With social media, I felt like there was too much noise and social comparison that contributed to feelings of loneliness and dissatisfaction. The rise of influencers and app-celebrities only furthered those feelings. It looks like I'm in the minority here! My lack of personal usage now makes it difficult to use social media for business purposes. I'm no longer familiar with what it means to "engage online". I'm actively trying to turn that around, but it's difficult to be in a "social media mindset".
Maham Zaheer
@blakeburch_ i tried the same thing. I'm not using ig and fb from a long time and have started using Reddit and product hunt but now i need to enage in all those social media accounts for my job and it feels boring and tiring 😩
Elena Fedina
Depends on the use case :) I started using LinkedIn a lot more recently since my company is actively engaging there. For personal purposes I'd say IG and FB are tied since some people use one and not the other, so I'm trying to keep up with it.
Nick Sheriff
TikTok - why isn't Tiktok on this list? I'm Tiktok only except for Twitter.
Pravin Uttarwar
I am actively using Linkedin to get updated industry insights.