How do you share and discuss music with friends?

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It'd be great to know how you might share some new music you've heard amongst friends. Do you just share Spotify links? What if friends aren't on Spotify? Do you discuss things on WhatsApp, iMessage, SMS, Email? When listening to a new artist/song, what info would you like to know about them? e.g. upcoming tour dates (when we're all out of lockdown!), artist biog, other popular songs, similar artists? Would you use a resource like for fun/sharing songs/finding out artist info?


KachurMTB 777
My friends and I made a community in Telegram. And we share our favorite music there.
Arpita Dhir
@kachurmtb_777 Hi, is it a private group or a public community?
Jonas Bärtsch
I usually share and receive music via spotify links via whatsapp. Ocassionaly someone sends me a youtube link.
Arpita Dhir
@jonas_bartsch Was curious, in a week, how often do you find yourself sharing music?
Jonas Bärtsch
@arpita_dhir not a regular thing for me. I might have a phase where I share a bit more. At the moment I simply dont.
Arpita Dhir
@jonas_bartsch Thanks! If you find time do leave your opinions on this discussion, I'm trying to understand more about about human behaviour and music are connected --> /discussions/how-often-do-you-find-yourself-talking-about-a-song-s-to-a-friend-s
Maria Halse
I share Spotify on Instagram Stories or with specific people sending Spotify links on WhatsApp or iMessage. But, depends who with eg. my band share only Youtube links on our WhatsApp and we discuss those tunes, visuals and refer to a timestamp. I might then search the ones I like on Spotify - but they could have saved me a click. When I listen to new music I often look for the original album for the initial song I liked, then the other popular songs, yes look for tour dates (that sucks now), and deffo use the similar artists feature Spotify. I might scan their bio to find out where they're from and if they play with other artists I like. I might also check out their Instagram and might follow them.
On My Deck
Thanks for the responses @kachurmtb_777 , @jonas_bartsch and @mariahalse - I'm looking to make sure that has some great resources for songs and artists. I want it to be a one-stop location to discuss a song, get recommendations, find out artist info and tour dates etc.
Noah Rosenfield
Yeah, just Spotify links. Enough people have it that it hasn't been an issue for me. Discussion via text or in person mostly. And being able to find similar artists is great.
My friends and I have two methods: 1) we have a shared & collaborative Spotify playlist (we play a game where we guess who added what) 2) we text YouTube videos of individual songs to each other in group SMS chat.
Leonardo Soto
Mi amigo y yo tenemos un gran grupo donde compartimos todos nuestros temas favoritos
Aytek Sökmen
I made an application to share your music while listening from any platform and meet new people who has same music taste. You can check it out
Nick Petrashov
i shared music with links from yandex music app
Connor LaCombe
I made a #bops channel on our company Slack, but it's pretty much just me posting Spotify links to Carly Rae Jepsen songs over and over again... Otherwise I still use Spotify links if I'm sending a song to someone on iMessage. I always enjoy comparing what I listen to vs friends when Spotify does the "2019 wrapped" playlists.
Zach McMahon
I share spotify links with co-workers on slack or friends on imessage or whatsapp. Youtube for a song that's not on spotify
lowkey play it in the background when I'm with them, or in a call. If they like it they'll ask about it. I don't wanna risk them hating it.
Arpita Dhir
Hey Simon, I created an app called Sterio for sharing music. It allows Spotify and Apple Music users to send music to each other. In simple words its a chat application for music which works across streaming services. The app is up on the stores. Sterio - Share Music ---->>>