Have you ever sat in a place and thought, it would be nice to chat with people here?

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Have you ever been in a place thinking that it would be nice if I could chat with all these people in that place? If so, where were you? And did you find an app to do that?


I feel like that at my new co working space The Wing but in that environment everyone is open to starting conversations so it happens very naturally.
All the time! Funny fact, I usually spot the people I want to chat with by their laptop stickers :) - if they have too many relevant stickers to what I like, I can't stop myself from starting a conversation. But I try to observe them first and make sure they are not super focused on what they are doing. An idea of an app that helps you do that would be something I would use always.
Jessica Bailey
At a Tool concert ;)
Jerwin Joshuah
Yes! I prefer places that are uncluttered and have a sense of peaceful ambiance. I have come across such places either on Facebook/Instagram or through travel.
Irma Mesa
I'd love to create something around this for people that are interested.
Irma Mesa
@vsnthv Hey! Totally open to it. What's the best way to get in touch?