What Twitter desktop app do you use?

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When you are in desktop, do you use Twitter in browser or in an app? If an app, what app do you use?


Dan Edwards
I used Tweetbot for years, but as Twitter restricted what third-party apps could do with the API i became frustrated that I wasn't able to get all the Twitter features. So now I'm using Twitter in the browser on my desktop and the official apps on iPhone and iPad. Never used to like the official apps, but I have to say, over the past 2 years they have got a lot better and I actually really enjoy the experience.
I use Tweetdeck, but overall think I use Twitter in browser more.
Yiğit Pınarbaşı
@abadesi Same here. Couldn't find a proper one so, best way to use it via Web & Mobile app for me.
Paroma Indilo
use it in Firefox - it does everything I need it to!
Pandiyan Murugan
Tweetdeck, that's what I have as of now (browser)
@pandiyan_cool So you use Tweetdeck in browser?
Mariano Pardo
I haven't use a desktop app for years. I use my personal account from my browser and I use hootsuite for managing the accounts for my projects
Chirayu Akotiya
I use Tweetdeck . The new twitter design for desktop is nice.