Design to Dev Handoff

Chandra Shekhar
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Hey Designers, I have a question for you. I would like to understand the process you follow to hand over the design work to the Project Manager/Dev team. How do you ensure that the work/requirement/feature is translated effectively? What are your pain points?


We use agile scrum process where we can see the outcome in iterative way. Create features and use stories so you can track and assign those to Dev Team. Project Manager has responsibility to track all the user stories and Product Owner is responsible for outcome expectation. Namly @gilliy
Chandra Shekhar
@gilliy thanks for the update. If I understand this correctly, the PO and Designer work together and create a document that documents what the screen/frame is all about and then create stories in Jira. Please confirm.
I was a designer for 10 years and frontend dev for 14 years. In an ideal scenario a designer would know a bit about code and a developer would be a little handy with design. IMO the best path if you dont have that is for dev and design to do a quick run though 1 on 1. This might only take 5 mins or it might take all day - depends on how detailed the changes are. I really believe that design and dev (especially frontend dev) should be "buddies". They should be on the same wave length and should collaborate with each other. In reality though a dev should always take a detailed look at proposed designs and raise concerns immediately so they can be addressed. Designers should state their case if they're passionate about something that receiving pushback from a dev. Designer and Dev should work together to launch the best solution.