How to improve user engagement on an agri-tech app?

Chandra Shekhar
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Hey folks, My company provided digital solutions for the farmers via digital apps. There's one app that we have created and it's ideally used once in 2months during the start of the crop season. I need your advise on how to increase the user visits and retention for the app. Any ideas? Cheers.


Clément Jacquelin
Talk with your customer words, get some feedback to improve your product, do A/B test if you can to test you design, use better call to action, speed up your app performance, try different pricing, find your user where they are (social media, irl, conférences ...). There is a lot of way to improve your retention ! :)
Ravindranath Akila
If it is so rarely used, you really need to emphasize the advantage of using the app. You might even want to put up a poster where they linger as a reminder to Ids the app. When speaking to them (or advertising) go with a case study or sample scenario if you don't have a vase study. If your audience is less tech savvy make sure you offer training, printed and video guidance on now to use it.
Michael Davies
For something with such a long period between interactions, I reckon you need to offer something in parallel that keeps your product in the back of their mind. It doesn't need to be a digital service; If you can afford it, perhaps a calendar they could keep on their desk or an infographic on different crops or even a water bottle with your logo and a reminder on your app benefit to them.
Vishal Bhatia
Assuming that the tools your company is building shows data relevant to their crops, a possible way to keep them coming back would be to show what the ideal state of their crop/crop(s) should be. Just an idea - it would keep them motivated to check back more frequently since they'd want to see if the work they're putting in on a daily basis is actually amounting to something